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Our alignment hardware now comes with our #AMTI-84P Alignment Manager Calculator at no  additional cost!

Order either of our dial-based alignment kits and get our Alignment Manager Calculator included at no additional cost! Now you can quickly and easily "run the numbers" in the palm of your hand. No guesswork -- calculate shim amounts needed in the vertical plane, and adjustment moves in the horizontal plane with ease and accuracy!

Order now and get your rotating transmission equipment in shape! See our web store site for details.

SUPER SPECIAL! SAVE $250 on our Shaft Hog Laser System!!

Now, take the next step up in alignment technology and automatically save $250!

Add the latest laser alignment technology to your maintenance arsenal for the fastest and most accurate alignments available. See our web store site for details.
This offer is good for a limited time. Order yours today and round out your preventive maintenance arsenal! Visit our web store here.

Alignment Manager™ for Windows *** DISCONTINUED ***

** DISCOUNTINUED ** >>>  Our Alignment Manager for Windows softare is currently being updated for use with Windows 7 and above. Currenly, all alignment kits purchased now come with our #AMTI-84P Alignment Manager Calculator.

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Find the product you want, then place your order on-line at! Quick, easy and convenient - there's no better way to build up your arsenal against misalignment. Stop loosing energy due to misaligned shafts! Order your shaft alignment kit today -- and don't forget the shims -- and start saving energy, time, money and your sanity!!

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> For The Novice and Professional

Peterson Alignment Tools Company has been manufacturing and distributing high quality shaft alignment systems and related components for the power transmission industry since 1978.  

Look to us for all of your rotating machinery alignment needs, from alignment kits to shim kits, and everything else in between. Whether you're a seasoned professional, or it's your first day on the job, look to us to provide you with the tools, accessories and support you need to get the job done right the first time.

To order, or to be mailed an information packet on all of our products, call (815) 263-4024, or e-mail us with your name and complete mailing address at sales at

> Affordable Dial Indicator Alignment Systems

We offer both laser- and dial indicator-based shaft alignment systems that will suit your equipment and your budget needs, without breaking the bank.

Our dial-based systems come with a lifetime guarantee: if anything fails due to faulty workmanship, simply return it for a no-hassle overnight replacement at our expense (dial indicator warranty handled through the manufacturer). You also receive lifetime toll-free support. Simplicity is the key with our easy-to-use, step-by-step instructions included with every kit. Bring peace-of-mind to your maintenance department with an alignment system from Peterson Alignment Tools Company today.

Also included with every dial-based alignment kit we sell is our Alignment Calculator with our exclusive Alignment Manager Software for TI Calculators included at no additional cost. That's a $225 value! Gone are the complex calculations - it's easier than ever!

Check out our most versatile kit, the #30RA (shown).

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> Laser Systems and Accessories

On the leading edge of technology for 2015 is our #LS-5 Shaft Hog Laser-Based Alignment System, the highest quality laser system Swedish technicians have to offer at a great price. Systems come with a simplified keypad (shown at left,
center) for horizontal and vertical alignments, and LIVE movement readouts right on the LCD. Complete accessories are available to help customize a system to your specific needs. Click here to check these systems out!!

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> Alignment Manager™ for Windows v2.1.451 (
View Specs Here)

Finally, shaft alignment software for the masses! Now the math is done for you. Make calculations based on physical dimensions and dial indicator input with this intuitive Windows software for all of your alignment jobs.

It even works with off-brand dial-based alignment system. Go back and change your answers, save your results, print out reports and track the health of your rotating machinery.

For both Rim & Face- (#20RA or #30RA, above) or Reverse-Indicator-type alignment systems.

Click here to take a tour and view current screen shots!

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> Shims and Everything Else

No matter what type of alignment job you're doing, or no matter where it is, we've got all of the accessories you need to do a complete and accurate job in record time. From under-cut bolts to shim kits to motor mover sets, we've got all of your bases covered so you can get the job done.

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