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The SHAFT HOG Precision LASER Shaft Alignment System. Fast, Easy, Precise and Complete for only $4,675.00 !! That's a savings of $250 off our regular price!

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The Shaft Hog puts laser alignment accuracy within reach of everyone! For less than $5,000 you can gain the benefits of laser alignment:

  • Reduced machinery vibrations
  • Longer bearing life
  • Longer seal life
  • Fast and easy alignments

    The ergonomically designed control unit fits comfortably in one hand. The live display means that you will get instant feedback when shimming or moving the machines. This eliminates the guesswork and back and forth you're suffering through now. All this at an affordable price that means a really quick payback.



    Accurate & Reliable

    The Shaft Hog features a unique "laser line" instead of the traditional laser dot. This makes setup and alignment much easier, as the line is wide and is easily projected to the laser detector.

    The Shaft Hog also features graduated labels on the laser heads, that work with the laser lines, to help the operator "visualize" the misalignment condition. This visual cue reinforces the digital values that are displayed on the unit, and makes evaluation and correction of misalignment an easier process.

    The alignment data is continuously updated. All movements of the motor are simultaneously displayed on the screen. The measurement results are displayed with a resolution of 0.0001". As you shim or move the machine the values update to let you know exactly where you are each step of the way. This means no more guessing about the shim amount, or how much to move a machine. With the Shaft Hog laser alignment system there is no interpreting of the values as with dial indicators. The position sensitive detectors precisely measure the misalignment. The large LCD display clearly presents the position of the machinery being aligned.


    The Complete Laser Alignment Tool

    The Shaft Hog comes with all the hardware and tools you need to begin doing laser alignments as soon as you open the carrying case. Sleek anodized aluminum chain brackets fit a wide range of shaft diameters (from approximately 1/8", and extra chain lengths can be added to accommodate virtually any shaft diameter). The transmitter-detector units are mounted on rods extending from each of the brackets. The transmitter-detector units are clearly labeled (one for the stationary machine, and the other for the movable machine). The cables and the display unit are also clearly marked, simplifying the set up. Once the transmitter-detector units are mounted they plug directly into the display box. The easy-to-use, ergonomically designed display fits right in your hand. Its intuitive design means you can step through an alignment as soon as you pick it up. The Shaft Hog has been designed to let you concentrate your skill and effort on performing precision alignments, not on figuring out how to use the tool.

    The Shaft Hog is powered with standard batteries (2 "C" cells). Approximately 24 hours of continuous operation are obtained from a fresh set of batteries. The system is delivered in a rugged case and includes all the equipment required for horizontal shaft alignments.


    Technical Data

    Measuring units  
    Housing material ABS plastic
    Type of laser Diode laser
    Laser wave length 670 - 675 nm
    Laser class 2
    Maximum laser power 1 mW
    Maximum distance
    between measuring units
    2.8 ft (850 mm)
    Type of detectors Single-axis PSD
    Cable length 5.2 ft (1.6 m)
    Dimensions 3.4 x 3.1 x 1.5 in (87 x 79 x 39 mm)
    Display unit  
    Housing material ABS plastic
    Display type LCD 1.4 x 1.9 in (35 x 48 mm)
    Battery type 2 x 1.5V "C" Alkaline (LR14)
    Operating time 20 hours continuous operation
    Auto power off After 1 hour if no keys are pressed
    Displayed resolution 0.1 mil (0.0001"); (0.01 mm in metric mode)
    Dimensions 9.1 x 3.2 x 2.4 in (230 x 81 x 62 mm)
    Complete System  
    Shaft diameter range
    with chain
    1/8" to 20" maximum
    Accuracy of system <2% +/-0.00039 in
    Temperature range 32 - 140F (0 - 60C)
    Operating humidity Non-condensing
    Weight in case 10 lbs


    US $4,675.00
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    "LS - 5"   SHAFT HOG Accessories

    Part Number Description Price/Pair
    SHRF - 5 Short ROD 5" x 12mm (Tapped) $200.00
    SHRF - 12 Tall ROD 12" x 12mm (Tapped) $225.00
    SHHA - 1 Thin MAGNETIC FIXTURES (1/2" wide) $675.00

    SPECIFICATIONS of the SHAFT HOG with Standard Fixtures...

    • Shaft Diameters:   1/8" --- 20"

    • Rod Height above coupling/shaft:  6.5"
      (Can be decreased to 5" with optional VRF-5 short rod or increased to
      12" with optional VRF-12 long rod. For increased height, all the rods
      connect to one another for unlimited height).

    • Width of Mounting Brackets:   7/8"
      (Can be decreased to 1/2" by using the optional Thin Magnetic Fixtures).


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