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Precision "SIDE-ALIGN" Horizontal Motor Mover Systems


Eccentric Socket - Top View

Eccentric Socket - Bottom View


Our SIDE-ALIGN Motor Mover systems give you the ability to accurately move your motor base with a high degree of precision by converting smooth, circular motion into precision linear motion.


These kits will allow you to move your motor base in the horizontal plane in slow, precise increments.


Eccentric Cam Bolt





Precision - Accuracy - Repeatability

Dial indicators - a staple of any maintenance engineer's "toolbox." If it is in your toolbox, we hope it's in the protective storage case it came in when you purchased it.

Precision dial indicators are mechanical wonders, and come in a variety of types with varying degrees of precision and measurement capabilities. For motor shaft alignment, we suggest a plunger-type dial indicator, with a face travel of 0.100", and an overall travel of 0.250".

For most uses, a dial indicator with increments of 0.001" (one "mil", or 1/1000th of an inch) will provide the accuracy you need. Mechanical dial indicators can measure down to double that precision, with dial indicator faces split up in increments of 0.0005" (one-half of a mil  |  5/10000ths of an inch). Digital dial indicator's accuracy can provide even higher precision.

For purposes of accuracy and consistency, we suggest dial indicators that provide an increment of 0.001" and a stated accuracy of +/- 0.001".

These are THE tool kits you need for your shaft alignment arsenal.


The process is a simple one:  start off by using our Peterson-brand alignment kits to measure the misalignment of your motor base in the horizontal plane. Then, use our SIDE-ALIGN system to accurately move your motor base back into precise alignment, according to the readout on your Alignment Manager™ Calculator. Accurate diagnosis and an accurate solution!

Portable SIDE-ALIGN sets make aligning your motors, pumps, and gear boxes quick, easy and - above all - safe, and to the tolerances you require. Eliminate the use of jack bolts, frames and heavy hammers to move your motor bases. Welcome to the 21st Century!


Click the above graphic to Download as PDF


1) Use our Peterson© brand shaft alignment kits in conjunction with our Alignment Manager™ Calculator to accurately calculate center-line misalignment in both the horizontal and vertical planes at the front and back feet of your moveable motor base.

2) Use our precision stainless steel shim kits that come in a wide variety of thicknesses and sizes to accurately align your motor base in the vertical plane at the front and back feet.

3) Use our precision-ground undercut bolt system to give you the clearance you need at your moveable machine's bolt holes when using our...

4) "Side-Align" motor mover sets to move your moveable base with precision and accuracy according to movement readings given on your Alignment Manager™ Calculator.

Start building your SHAFT ALIGNMENT ARSENAL today and be prepared for whatever comes your way tomorrow!

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