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#AMTI-84P Alignment Manager™ Calculator

Our #AMTI-84P ALIGNMENT MANAGER™ CALCULATOR quickly and easily calculates the misalignment for any of your motor and pump installations within your plant, without the need to disassemble or remove the coupling from the shaft. Now, your rotating machinery is just key presses away from a precision alignment at an affordable price.


This compact scientific calculator comes pre-loaded with our exclusive Alignment Manager™ Software, and calculates the total misalignment between your pump-shaft-motor systems in both the horizontal and vertical planes.


Simply enter your equipment's physical dimensions, then enter the dial indicator readings aquired during the alignment process. The screen then displays you precise shim requirements for the vertical plane (+/- shims), and slide movements (away from or towards you) for the horizontal plane.


Our Alignment Manager™ Calculator is included FREE with the purchase of either the #20RA or #30RA dial-based alignment systems (no additional charge),  a $249.00 value.

#AMTI-84P Alignment Manager™ Calculator

$249.00 Regular Price
$199.00Sale Price
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