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Each Alignment Manager™ Calculator Includes:

(1) Back-up CD with calculator files ready for

upload should all of your calculator's batteries

go dead (4 x AAA + watch battery)

​(2) Detailed instruction manual for setting up your

alignment kit for use with the calculator.


Version 5.0a now available!

Our Alignment Manager™ (v5.0a) is now available for use on the Texas Instrument's TI-84P Scientific Calculator, making it one of the few, most convenient and easiest to use alignment calculators on the market today. It's compact size and intuitive software are what every maintenance professional needs to sidestep the complexities of other shaft alignment systems currently available.

It fits easily into your briefcase, toolbox or even your work clothes pocket, so you can take it with you on any alignment job. Best of all, it works flawlessly with either of our alignment kits, so you'll finish the job in record time.

The Alignment Manager™ Calculator comes with two distinct alignment software programs:  the RIMFACE program, for use with either our #20RA or #30RA shaft alignment kits that follow the RIM-AND-FACE method of shaft alignment, and the REVDIAL* program, which utilizes the REVERSE-INDICATOR method.

Both programs have been revised and updated for 2020 and calculate precise shim thicknesses needed for correcting alignment in the vertical plane, as well as motor movements needed (towards you or away from you) for correcting misalignment in the horizontal plane. Step-by-step instructions are included.

You can enter data as you proceed through the alignment process, or enter it later on after recording your data on paper. You can re-load the most recent calculation that you've entered, even if you've exited the programs.

Our Alignment Manager Calculator is provided free with the purchase of our #20RA or our #30RA Shaft Alignment Kits, a $249.00 value.

(*This program must be used with your own existing REVERSE-INDICATOR shaft alignment equipment. Our alignment kit's instruction manual only explains the RIM-AND-FACE method, and does not conform to any specific hardware brand.)

Actual screen captures of the RIMFACE program, showing the simple steps involved for starting the program, entering data, and viewing shim correction values.


(1) Screen after pressing PRGM.

Available programs displayed.


(2) Selection 3:RIMFACE.

Press <ENTER> to start program.


(3) RIMFACE program startup screen. Press <ENTER> to view version and copyright date.


(4) Version and Copyright information. Press <ENTER>.


(5) Choice of starting a new alignment, or view data from last alignment.


(6) Press <ENTER> or the #1 on the keypad to start entering data for a new alignment procedure.


(7) First data entry screen:



First answer screen for the vertical plane to the right of the coupling:

Sample Answer Screen #1

(1) Remove 0.0005" Under Near Feet  ("Near shims = -.50 mils")

(2) Remove 0.0195" Under Far Feet  ("Far shims = -19.50 mils")

Explanation:  Shims are for the vertical plane to the right (>) of the coupling. Answers shown are in whole numbers representing thousandths of an inch (1 = 0.001"), or mils.

​​Based on the above alignment data, you can choose to analyze this data by showing a plot of the perceived imaginary line of misalignment and display it. In the example above, to correct the misalignment you must subtract 0.005" (-.50 displayed) from the front feet, and remove 0.0195" (-19.5 displayed) from the back feet. The second graphic shown below simulates the general line of misalignment as one angling up from the near feet sharply, confirming the relatively large difference between the two numbers given for front- and back-feet shim removal requirements.


Option screen showing available choices based on data entered and calculated shim corrections and horizontal movements.

Press the #3 on the keypad, or press <Enter> with the cursor on "3:" on screen to Plot Data.


Plot data showing 0.0005" (-.50) removal of shims required at the front feet, and 0.0195" (-19.5) removal of shims required at back feet.


Sample functions of the

Alignment Manager™ Program:

  • Allows you to perform a new alignment or view the previous alignment's results.

  • Enter data for moving the driver or driven unit.

  • Optionally enter sag measurements for automatic final answer adjustments.

  • Plot center-line of misaligned shaft (left or right of coupling) in both the horizontal and vertical planes.

  • Automatically calculates parallel and angular offsets in both the horizontal and vertical planes for documentation purposes.

  • Easy to handle - fits in the palm of your hand.

  • Runs on 4 x AAA rechargeable batteries (included) and installed watch battery. (Backup of RIMFACE program included on CD.)

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